Hi there you can read all about on how we have been quilting & sewing

About Us: We’re just like Bees – Shirlz is the Queen Bee & gets waited on to just do her own thing! Rod is the worker Bee & does everything else to keep this Hive ticking over nicely! He must do everything else so that Shirlz is free to be Creative & Happy, churning out these Beautiful for you people! He will even go to the shops to buy fabrics when needed, so that Shirlz can keep on quilting! Shirlz has been sewing since she was 8 years old and has always been sewing for other people and in later years specialized as a “Made-to-Measure” Bridal Dressmaker.
For the last 8 years it’s been Quilting, quilting, quilting because it allows her the freedom to be creative with colour, fabrics, patchwork style, different themes, Applique & Embroidery. Shirlz even does Sensory Quilts to go on the floor for babies & kiddies – both Sighted & Vision Impaired. Another creative avenue is making Fidget Rugs for people in Aged Care – these are both Bright & Sensory as well as giving the “Oldies” some Zippers, Velcro & Pockets to “fidget” with!
Always up for a challenge, Shirlz can create that Special Quilt that you’ve had in mind for your new bedroom or even a Sofa Throw!

Hand-made Quilts are something very special. They are not a Doona cover that you can throw in the wash every couple of weeks. Yes, they are fully washable, but just like your best jumper or jacket, it needs to be treated with care & respect and it will last you 50 years or more!
We take on each quilt with great enthusiasm, from the Style planning stage to fabric & colour selections, the backing & binding to make sure that it ends up being a lovely quilt that our customers will cherish!!! Every quilt we make, has love and joy sewn into every stitch.
Our Memory Quilts are for just that reason – to hold the Memories & they can be made from baby clothes, to keep for your child till they grow up, a School Sports Team Memory quilt to remember Milestones or even for Memories of those who we have lost, we make great quilts from Grandad’s Shirts & the like! We also make gorgeous Memory Bears or Cushions to keep forever!
Taking photos of each finished quilt is a must for our records, but honestly, photos never do the finished quilt justice! If you like one of my quilts as a photograph, then you’re sure to fall in love with the actual item.
All our bed quilts are reversible – whether they just have a plain backing or if you choose to have a “second décor option” on the back is up to you.
The design of a quilt you see on our website can be made in another colour if that is your preference. Prices vary considerably, that’s why you need to discuss your plans with us. We have shown some designs and in-stock quilts in differing price brackets to give you some idea, but a fixed price quote is always best!
Any of our Quilts can be made as Wall Hangers with a narrow pocket for a curtain rod which can then be supported by plain or fancy rod brackets to make a statement piece of your Quilt.

Whatever you are after, a no-obligation quote is easy to obtain. Just call Shirlz.

Shirlz & Rod Cook, Happy Valley, SA Ph: 0416 122 194