Decor Designed Quilts

Designed for you

The design of a quilt you see on our website can be made in another colour if that is your preference. Prices vary considerably, that’s why you need to discuss your plans with us. We have shown some designs and in-stock quilts in differing price brackets to give you some idea, but a fixed price quote is always best!

All our bed quilts are reversible – whether they just have a plain backing or if you choose to have a “second décor option” on the back is up to you.

Any of our Quilts can be made as Wall Hangers with a narrow pocket for a curtain rod which can then be supported by plain or fancy rod brackets to make a statement piece of your Quilt.

Get wrapped up in your memories

Our Memory Quilts are for that reason – to hold the Memories & they can be made from baby clothes, to keep for your child till they grow up, a School Sports Team Memory quilt to remember Milestones or even for Memories of those who we have lost, we make great quilts from Grandad’s Shirts & the like! We also make gorgeous Memory Bears or Cushions to keep forever!

Add a bit of art into your quilt

We offer so many options for Quilts & Quilting!

1.  Quilts available now from those we have in stock.

2.  Gift Cards available for that “Someone” to choose their own!

3.  A quilt “Made-to-Measure” – in Your Style, Size & Colour Choice
Art Quilts – usually One-Off & Hand-Appliqued over several weeks.

4.  Wall Hangings – often One-Off & Hand Appliqued.

5.  Quilt Sets with Matching Pillow Cases, various Pillow Wraps and/or Cushions or even matching Bunting – great for babies or kiddies rooms.

6.  Memory Quilts & Memory Bears from clothing.

7.  Baby Quilts – which make great personal gifts.

8.  We offer a “Quick Turnaround” to get your own work Quilted!

9.  Our “Completion Service” if you have a Flimsy (a quilt top only) that you would like Wadded, Backed, Quilted and Bound – ready to use!

The Dollars then?

Our quilts range from less than $100 for a Baby Quilt or maybe a little more if it has some hand work.
Single quilts start at $150 but are really only useful on bunk beds where you don’t want too much quilt hanging down. Single size is 140cms x 210cms long.
On a regular single bed we feel the quilt needs to be around Double in size so that they reach over the sides to keep kiddies warm. 180cm x 210cms
Lap size quilts around $120 (knee rug or Cot size) are also popular. These measure around 100cms square to 150cms square.
Whatever the bed size, we generally recommend that your quilt should be the next size larger.
Double Patchwork quilts start from $160
Queen Patchwork quilts from $230
King Patchwork quilts from $295
Super King size quilts from $365
Generally, quilts are made more quickly and at less cost if we have the quilts already made or if we already have the fabrics in stock.
A Patchwork quilt is generally different fabrics stitched together whether that be in strips, triangles, squares, rectangles or some other shape.
A Hand Worked quilt has blocks (generally) of applique, embroidery or a combination of both
Art Quilts are obviously, works of art. These can have a theme, a special method of embellishment or work so intricate that they defy being used as an everyday “blanket” on your bed! Maybe “on show” on the spare bed, or hanging on a wall but their price also reflects at least part of the effort of making them.
Price? Expect anything from $700 to $1,700 and then you won’t be shocked!

What does it Take?:

Quilts are made of three layers and can take more than 4 square metres of fabric for the Flimsy (that’s the Top layer). Then 2.5 metres of wadding for the middle of the quilt. And more than another 4 square metres of fabric for the backing. The whole Quilt then needs stretching, pinning together and finally machine quilting – 3 or 4 hours just for that. Then the quilt is trimmed and the binding is done! Quite an undertaking from start to finish!
Explain a Quilt: Most patchworked quilts take one full week to make. Hand worked quilts – applique or embroidery – can take weeks of hand work and then there’s a week, when all the blocks are finished, to put the quilt together!
Remember, the more hand work time that goes into a quilt, the more expensive it MAY be!